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The 20th Anniversary Art Competition

Thank all teachers and students, parents and people from all walks of life for their active participation, support and concern in the 20th Anniversary Art Competition! After fierce competition, the top three of nearly 100 works stood out receiving 12,256 votes, 11,255 votes and 571 votes respectively. The authors displayed their innovation through their works.

In Yew Wah, through art lessons, we can learn the history of art development, learn to use different art materials, learn to appreciate the styles of different artists, and develop creativity, multi-angle thinking and organizational ability, strengthening self-awareness and building confidence in painting.

The First Place: The Gift of the Earth


Hello, everyone. I'm a Grade One student of YWIES Yantai. I love my school very much. YWIES Yantai is 20 years old. I use this painting to celebrate my school's birthday!


Meteorite is an old friend of the earth; Yew Wah is a new friend of the earth. The atmosphere gives us fresh oxygen to breathe freely. Yew Wah gives us the wisdom, and let us become a steel pillar to protect the earth!

The Second Place: From Yew Wah to the World

Author:Coco, Jordan, Robin & Jerry

Hello everyone! We are the Fifth Grade students of YWIES Yantai. Our painting epitomises generations of Yew Wah students. Our school is 20 years old. We wish YWIES Yantai all the best!


YWIES Yantai was established 20 years ago. In 20 years, Yew Wah students entered well-known universities around the world. How far is it from Yew Wah to Oxford and Cambridge? It depends only on you!

The Third Place: Happy Birthday, Yew Wah

Author:Audrey & Kyle

Hello everyone! We are Grade Five students of YWIES Yantai and we are from Korea. This work is created by us together. Happy 20th birthday to YWIES Yantai!

YWIES Yantai provides comprehensive and balanced education for every child. Art is the key to the progress of human history and also the foundation of Yew Wah's educational ideas and goals. Therefore, we ensure that children learn many kinds of music and art. This competition marked the 20th anniversary of YWIES Yantai. At the same time, adhering to the school motto of "aligning with Culture and Arts", students participated in it, gave full play to their imagination and creativity, and combined their creativity with creative skills to present meaningful and attractive works.

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