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Message from School Leadership Team

A Chinese proverb says, “It takes 10 years to grow a tree and 100 years to cultivate a person.” We take great pride in all of our students who are courteous, co-operative, and responsible and ever striving for excellence. That is perhaps one of the main reasons why we are the first choice for international education in Yantai and why our school is so respected in the community. Whenever people come into contact with our students seeing them perform music, play sport, lead community service projects, support local cultural events or just use their highly developed bilingual or multilingual skills in day to day life, they are struck by their abilities, enthusiasm and modesty.

The school was founded in 2000, providing a quality international education to local and international students with the educational philosophy pioneered over 87 years by the Yew Wah and Yew Chung educational foundations, of fusing the very best of the East and the West. Our Co-Teaching model is rightly understood as unique, yet tailored ideally for the individual needs of young people living in an increasingly global village. YWIES Yantai is committed to holistic and character-based education, building bilingual skills and developing multicultural perspectives in our students, guided by the belief that young people will grow and flourish when they are emotionally supported, encouraged to achieve at their own pace and when they find real joy in their learning. With our innovative integrated curriculums of language, mathematics, science and humanities based on the Chinese National Curriculum, along with Art, Music, PE, Character and Moral Education, Drama, an after-school activity programme which explores four domains of sport, culture, performing arts and academic extension and a vibrant house and student leadership system, we provide the strongest possible foundation for our students’ lives ahead, academically, socially and culturally.

In September 2000, 207 Primary and Secondary students and 34 teaching staff members started the school with the Kindergarten Section set up later to serve children from two to six years old. Our school reputation has grown year on year so that student numbers are now double the original intake. We are also proud to be a truly international school, not simply in name or with staff from just one educational system, but bringing together students and staff from over 20 different countries and nationalities, unique to Yantai’s educational provision. The over 80 academic staff, including over 30 from the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia who join bilingual colleagues in teamwork and bi-cultural collaboration, have brought the world and a genuinely global perspective to Yantai.

In 2004, YWIES Yantai was authorised by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) to provide the International General Certificate in Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Advanced Level (A Level) programmes and, as such, we became the first Cambridge International Examination Centre in Shandong Province. Every year since, our students have won awards for Top in China and Top in the World in a number of CAIE examinations and subjects, and the school has been recognised by CAIE for its contribution to quality education in China with a 10-year outstanding achievement award. YWIES Yantai students also perform superbly in provincial and national musical contests, national and international art exhibitions, international mathematics competitions and sporting contests.

With our individualised expert University Guidance programme, our graduates all receive offers from leading universities throughout the world, such as Oxford, Imperial College London, King’s College London, UCL, Edinburgh University and LSE in the UK; UCLA, Purdue, Michigan State, Penn State and NYU in the US; University of Toronto, McGill and the University of British Colombia in Canada; Tsinghua and the University of Hong Kong in China; Seoul National, Korea University, Yonsei and Sungkyunkwan in Korea. Many of our graduates have risen to prominence in business and professions at home and abroad. Our school opens the doors to any degree course in any country.

We continue to be fully committed to a holistic international education that brings together the best of the East and the West, nurturing future citizens with a global mindset. As Plato put it, “the direction in which one’s education begins determines one’s future in life.” As such, we strive to make the most of every day alongside our dedicated and highly skilled staff to fulfil our school name of “Glorifying China” through our contribution to education in Yantai and by doing our best for every one of our students. Our mission is to “Honour China and Build a Common Humanity”.

We hope that you and your family will choose to find out more about YWIES Yantai and join us soon on our exciting educational journey.

Admissions Office

Admissions Hotline: (0535) 638 6667/(0535) 638 3841(Chinese & English) / 638 3431 (Korean & English)
Address: 9 Tianshan Road, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shangdong
Postal Code: 264006
Email: admission.yt@ywies.com
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